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The Pot Book is a not-for-profit project, with all proceeds from book sales funding research into the therapeutic uses of cannabis and cannabinoid-based medicines. If you'd like to donate to the Holland Fund for Therapeutic Cannabinoid Research, please click here.

"I am 66, an RN, former psych nurse, didn't think I needed to know much about marijuana. Never used it before. With 3 chronic conditions, I've always looked for safer alternatives to pharmaceuticals. This book is eye-opening abt the twisted history of prohibition and the latest scientific research that can make life so much easier for those with autoimmune and neurological disorders, acute & chronic. The stigma that has been perpetuated by politicians, law enforcers - esp the DEA, the government are so easily refuted by science. Science continues to be hidden, but it is exploding.

"Many people associate it with counter culture. It holds so much more promise beyond that. I am angry that I am this old and am in the field of medicine but only now am finding this information. I think of so many people who could have relief and better health. I am furious at the political machinations that have kept the truth from the public and apparently the president and people who make drug laws. There needs to be a paradigm shift where science reigns. Older people in particular have the most to benefit from its use because they are usually the ones with several chronic diseases and pain. I think AARP needs to make the information known to their members.

"If you are a parent, you need to read this book to keep up and inform your kids, rather than having a knee jerk reaction. I've told my kids I wish I'd had this info when they were young. It is important to get perspective when our society is steeped in alcohol use that causes diseases and kills. All proceeds of the book go toward medical cannabis research."
- A Better World, on

"This book is AWESOME! I bought it because I heard the author plug it on the NORML show live, but I needed it for two papers I was writing. This book has almost EVERYTHING you could ever want to know about cannabis from most of the professionals and experts out there. It's a good source for learning more about the plant's pharmacology and how it interacts with your body. The chapters are pretty diverse, some are pretty scientific, while others are more casual and entertaining, like the Tommy Chong interview. Holland did a fantastic job at putting this all together. If you have to write a paper on cannabis, BUY THIS BOOK. It has so many sources to draw from, and they're all neatly formatted so if you need to do a works cited you can just copy the them from the back of the book. I got this for $11 and it was probably worth at least $30 in my opinion. Very pleased with the book and Holland, I think all the proceeds are going towards cannabis research too."
- B. Johnston, on

"My compliments to the editor due to this book being put together quite well. It is well worth the time to read in its entirety. Hundreds of millions of Americans should have to read this book immediately regardless of their relationship to cannabis simply because everything is connected. Some books that I read are loaners. The Pot Book is not a loaner book because it is too valuable. I would certainly hope and expect this book to be visibly available in American airport bookstores and if it isn't why is that. Why isn't there any type of literature about cannabis to be found in airport bookstores? I found the resources and contributor sections to be very resourceful. I usually look upon in text citations as kind of a drag and breaking the flow. However, when the citations reach back into the early 1900s and beyond, they then take on a different meaning. They then become a treasure and assurance that some in-depth research has been done and that this is heavy duty information and you better be paying attention here. There are several great interviews and some chapters are interviews by doctor J which are not to miss. I believe there to be a fascinating theme throughout the book about how the United States Government (who ever owns them) continues to obstruct, ignore, argue against, etc., any type of progressive & beneficial approach to cannabis and these are your real criminals. In these times, a real indicator of light prevailing will be a complete stopping to this criminal activity. I wish it was mandatory reading for everybody in America benefiting from the drug war."
- BusyBaba, on

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